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Freddy Niagra FoncescaFrom: Freddy Fonseca
To: All Fairfield poets and writers

I'm inviting all Fairfield poets, including those who may have moved, to submit original poetry (published and non-published) to a space on my new website: Fairfield Creates Foundation, along with your photo and short bio. Eventually, the best of these poems will be selected for a book on Fairfield poets I'm planning to edit and publish. August 31, 2009 is the deadline for submissions.

The theme of this collection is "Fairfield's Poets As They'd Like To Be Remembered", which is the 'working title' of the book for now. Before you make your selections, I suggest that you ask yourself three questions:

Which of my poems would I like to be remembered by?
Which poems will I most likely be remembered by?
Which of these poems are really "me"?

You may send up to ten original poems that you think will meet the criteria, from which I'll make a selection, first for the website and later for the book.
It is your responsibility to add the copyright notice to each poem and also indicate whether they have been published before, when and where. Add a brief bio and photo if you wish.

You may also add the name and portrait of the poet or artist who inspired you to write poetry and a link to a website dedicated to that poet. Your entry can also be linked to your own website or to your favorite sites about poetry. You'll need to provide the link(s).

Maybe this portion of my website can become a hub for poetry activities, brainstorming, sharing, blogs, etc.

Please share this invitation with your poet friends. I'd like to reach out to all Fairfield poets, but some of the e-mail addresses I've collected may be out of date.

Last but not least: Please mention in your e-mail that you are giving me permission to post your poem(s) on my website.

Thank you.

Freddy Fonseca, Founder & Director
Fairfield Creates Foundation
Chamber Music Society Fairfield
Candlelight Reading Series
PO Box 1271
Fairfield, IA 52556