Healing and Initiation music from Todd Rundgren

Like many of us, the 1970s were a time of spiritual awakening for Todd Rundgren. This Sunday morning at 8:00 AM (3:00 AM Hawaiian time), I spend an hour sharing some of his healing and initiation music.

His album "Initiation" reflects describes his awakening, starting off with biblical references and gnostic experiences of "Real Man":


When I was a child I thought as a child
I spoke as a child - I didn't know better.
But now I'm a man, I look like a man,
I'm old as a man and I should know better.

Got my head in the sky,
And my mind knows what it wants b
ut my body just drags me down.
And my world is something you can't see,
But it's still very real to me.
You can find it in the hole where I keep my soul.
There it is way down inside me: i
t's a real man.

Forget about my body and be a real man.

Later he speaks of the sidhas and eternal energy beyond and animating the physical worlds:

In one hand I hold what people call good;
The rest I hold in the other.
But these are just symbols to the perfected minds
Of which we are but mere reflections.
I was born to synthesize, energize and catalyze,
I was born to synthesize.

Like waves on still water the forms reappear,
Quickly erasing the ones before.
But forms like these are born only to die,
But the life in them lives forever...

A few years later, perhaps referencing and speaking to the same child in a "Real Man" Todd describes a cosmic visitor, awakening healing energy in the song "Healer":

My child, I had a visitation in my sleep last night.
Something was calling to me from a blinding light,
And told me not to fear it, hear it.

It said, it's time to make the world a little wiser.
There are enough destroyers and criticizers.
The world needs a healer, healer.

The sounds of the album Healing range from high energy to silence; the theme of the album is healing and evolution:

Step by step by step by step
Steps grow longer, til it's just like stepping in another world.

Feel that pulse that pulse that pulse
That pulse go stronger, like a breath line coming from another world

Don't want to leave my old world but I can't deny
What it is that draws me on - like a magnet
pulling from another world

Don't know what Ill find in the new world
But I'm not afraid of the sound that calls me on
Like a siren singing in another world

Here comes a change, and another change,
And another change, and another wave of change
Like a heartbeat pumping from another world.

The song "Flesh" is an explanation of how consciousness forms the will which ultimately affects the body and the world:

The Law is the law.
For no man wrote the law.
They who would change the law just abuse it.
The Law is the law,
There is no justice outside the law.
But if you know the law, you can use it.

If you will, then you will,
For nothing can withstand your will.
As your faith is so you are,
Where your mind is there you are,
Just as action follows thought you can
Be whole again, be healed again
And make your body follow...

You are thy flesh and flesh will obey.
You are thy flesh and flesh must obey.

Your life is your life.
No one else can live your life,
And the debts of your life, you must pay them.
If a man knows the law
He gets help from the law.
Only fools fear the law that can save them.

But the healer can be abused. People wanting to connect to divine healing energy for profit and other selfish motives, are like those forcing eggs out of the metaphorical "Golden Goose." Ultimately the healer ends on a positive note: "will turn on all the light that they've been hiding away... come on shine you diamond, shine!"