Raining Jane Interview on Lyrical Venus Tues 6/16

Raining JaneAt the end of the day
It's just a game that we play
And a fistful of paper tickets
Will get you nothing but a plastic ring

~ Pinball, Raining Jane


The all-women California band Raining Jane has had a lot of good stuff going on lately, like touring with Sara Bareilles and Willy Porter, and having a song featured on Grey's Anatomy! Right now they are in the midst of their month-long residency at The Hotel Cafe and working on writing some new songs to add to their already amazing catalogue of eclectic folk-rock.

Tune in Tuesday for an interview with (at least one member of) Raining Jane! I'll play some new arrivals/previews of coming interviews music starts at 9am, and the Raining Jane interview starts at 9:30.

photo credit: Colin Young-Wolff


Raining Jane

Nice show, Heather!

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