- Planet Erstwild - 20090605 - Clyde Cleveland & Michael McKay

Join host James Moore for a wide-ranging discussion with Clyde Cleveland and Michael McKay about politics, economics, natural law, constitutional integrity Clyde Clevelandand common sense.

President of the Randall Marketing Group, Clyde Cleveland recently attended a conference held on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, the site where the Federal Reserve was created. One of only 25 participants, liberty issues were discussed by the group gathered from
around tMichael McKayhe country. Clyde ran for governor in 2002 in Iowa as the Libertarian candidate. He is founder of Common Sense Revisited and Restoring the Heart of America.

Michael McKay
is president of Iowa Capital Management. He was one of 50 people invited to attend a conference in Bodrom, Turkey on Austrian economics. He is an articulate proponent of this approach which he refers to as "production" based compared to "consumption" based Keynsian economics, the model currently in vogue.