Become a KRUU Underwriter

Become an On-Air KRUU Underwriter!

Promote your business while supporting KRUU's unique mission and programming

While KRUU is a non-commercial station, we do partner with sponsors. Underwriters sponsor the station in exchange for on-air announcements.

A list of KRUU-FM Sponsors can be found here.

Reach out to KRUU’s diverse and dedicated audience. KRUU reaches 15,000 people in Jefferson County on 100.1 FM and listeners throughout the world (via our live internet radio stream; up to 50,000 visitors a month to our website), and our listeners are faithful; many listen for several hours each day and make KRUU-LP their first or second choice of radio stations.

Take comfort and pride knowing that partnering with KRUU is an act of community support in itself. After all, our mission is giving voice to Fairfield. Our story is telling your story.

Underwriting generally ranges from $16-$20 per acknowledgment. Remember, we only do two acknowledgments per hour, so the number of acknowledgments per day is limited.

Please contact James Moore at 641-209-1083 or if you are interested in becoming a KRUU Underwriter.