"Visits with the Amish" author Linda Eugenes on Writers' Voices

Visits with the AmishPlease join us on Writers' Voices this week to welcome Linda Egenes, adjunct faculty member at MUM and author of Visits with the Amish. Linda visited with her Old Order Amish neighbors in Southeast Iowa for thirteen years before writing this informative book. She has also written about the Amish for Cobblestone, Plain, Iowa Source, and the Plain Reader. Hosted this week by Chamaigne Montana and Caroline Kilbourn, this is an episode not to be missed by anyone interested in a deeper understanding of Amish culture. “Direct, respectful, and informative, Visits with the Amish takes us into the very homes and businesses of the plain people. There we enter a culture so different from the American mainstream that we are forced to examine our own spiritual beliefs, identities, and values. This slim, quiet book should assume a big place on the bookshelves of anyone interested in anthropology, religion, folklore, or the Amish culture."--Mary Swander