A Conversation with Amy Finders

Mike and Amy FindersHowdy Folks.  This week on Crooked Sisters Radio Hour I will have the pleasure of speaking to Amy Finders of Finders and Youngberg, as well as The Mike and Amy Finders Band.  Mike and Amy, former Iowa City residents who now make their home in Fort Collins, Colorado, are back on native soil for a few Iowa shows and will be performing at Cafe Paradiso this Friday, May 15.  Amy will be calling into the show this morning from the road, the good lord and reception willing.  We'll hear about how life in the mountains is treating the Finders, what's on their musical plate these days, the new quartet they're in and missing Iowa.  So tune into Crooked Sisters Radio Hour, Thursday from 10 'til noon for a conversation with the ever-charming Amy Finders.