- Lyrical Venus - 20090428 - Lovell Sisters

The Lovell Sisters

Don't look at me that way,
I gotta head on down this road
Take your broken heart back home
I don't know where I'm gonna go,
but that don't mean I should stay
I keep these boots a walkin' till I reach my grave
I gotta take it slow
This heart just needs some time to grow

~ Time to Grow, The Lovell Sisters

Jessica (23), Megan (19) and Rebecca (18) Lovell are so passionate about bluegrass and Americana music, it may come as a shock to some how young they are to be playing in genre that many consider Old Time. But what they may lack in years they more than make up for in talent, devotion and enthusiasm! (Besides which, here at KRUU we know that good music is timeless and there's no age limit on enjoyment.) Both their playing and harmonies are tight in that way that only comes from years of a family living and performing together.