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Chris Jordan on Eden's Hour Radio

When internationally acclaimed photographer Chris Jordan appeared as a guest on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert joked that Chris resembled Clark Kent. Indeed Chris Jordan has led an unusual path transforming his career from Lawyer to full-time artist and educator to become somewhat of an environmental hero. His photographic collages (see one example below & visit his website for more!) take sobering statistics of human consumption and presents them in a format that is both aesthetically pleasing and shockingly eye-opening. I had a chance to sit down with Chris last week to discuss his photographic roots and how the message of his work gets integrated into
his own home life and how he feels the weight and irony of the impact that producing his work has on the environment.

Gyre, a photo from Chris' latest series Running The Numbers II, looks like Katsushika Hokusa's The Great Wave at Kanagawa, but
zooming in you see that the entire image is a collage of
2.4 million pieces of plastic that represent the number of pounds that
enter the Pacific Ocean each hour

Gyre -by Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan Gyre details