- Great Taste - 20090325 - Molto Vegas & Enoteca San Marco


Zach Allen the culinary director of Molto Vegas, Doug Taylor executive pastry chef of Molto Vegas, and Josef Helphinstine Service Director of Enoteca San Marco join us on this week's Great Taste. We're talkin' about Slow Food that beats the odds every time. Don't miss our dose of traditional Italian with a Batali (Mario Batali) twist or How to Survive in Vegas without Sacrificing your Palate or Wallet!

We'll be cooking Italiano in the studio with a little informal lingua Italiana thrown in for fun. Don't miss out on the next Great Taste. If you're interested in becoming a Facebook fan of the show. click here.

Ciao, Mi chiamo ____________________.

Hello, My name is __________________.
E tu come ti chiami?

And what's your name?

Vieni spesso da queste parti?

Do you come here often?


Ti va di ballare?

Do you feel like dancing?

Posso offrirti qualcosa da bere?

Can I get you a drink?

Non posso vivere senza di te.

I can't live without you.


È finita.

It's over.

(Italian lesson courtesy of a placemat at Enoteca San Marco)