Jennifer Bruno & Elizabeth Becker on Speaking Freely Tue at 1pm

Jennifer BrunoJennifer Bruno has her BA in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College with a focus in Sexual Trauma and Somatic Expression. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Health Arts and Sciences with a focus in Sexual Trauma and Non-Government Organization (NGO) Development. Jennifer has created a handbook titled ‘The Body as an Ally,’ which is a compilation of exercises for therapists, currently in the process of being edited for publication.

Jennifer personally uses performance, dance, and movement as therapeutic expressions and creative outlets for growth beyond experiences of trauma. Her personal goals include the promotion of
healthier individuals and communities by sharing principles of empowerment found in multiple modalities. She will continue her work in order to contrElizabeth Beckeribute to the emerging vision of the world as a safe place where each person is free to self-express creatively. She is hosting an advocacy event Wednesday April 8 at Cafe Paradiso at 8pm.

Elizabeth Becker is a journalist and author who specializes in trade, development, and Asian affairs. Elizabeth began her career as a war correspondent for The Washington Post covering Cambodia. She left Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge expelled all foreigners from the country in April 1975. She was one of two American journalists allowed by the Khmer Rouge to return to Democratic Kampuchea briefly in 1978.

Just weeks after her visit, the Vietnamese army attacked and overthrew the Khmer Rouge. She is the author of When the War Was Over, a modern history of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge.[1]

She covers foreign and domestic issues, especially those relating to agriculture, international relief and development, and homeland security for The New York Times. Previously she was the Senior Foreign Editor for National Public Radio.

Becker holds a degree in South Asian studies from the University of Washington and did language studies at the Kendriya Hindi Sansthaan in Agra, India. She is on the board of directors of the Arthur F. Burns Foundation and the Pearl S. Buck Foundation.