- Lyrical Venus - 20090331 - Jessie Frye

Jessie FryeMaybe you'll go to Chicago and get a little peace of mind
and maybe you'll find
memories pieced together, people come undone
your heart is heavy with time
you sit and watch the world walk by
~ Birthmark(Chicago), Jessie Frye

Singer-songwriter Jessie Frye hails from Texas, but don't expect a lot of twang from her. There are touches of it here and there, but much of the music is lush, piano driven pop, infused with soul and a bit of blues. One description of her music says it sounds like "if Oscar Wilde crawled inside of a piano and then drank a lot of espresso." Nice.


Thank you both for listening, whether live or after the fact. So happy to spread the word about Jessie!

Jessie Frye

I have happily added this to my ipod, and I cannot wait to listen to it.

I love Jessie Frye. LOVE her.

Jessie Frye Interview

Light and easy morning interview with Jessie Frye! Truly enjoyed it. Couldn't stop laughing about the magazine question at the check out counter. The music was just as Jessie said, a collage and a beautiful one. I plan on visiting KRUU 100.1FM more in the future and supporting the great content!