Steve Semken on Writers' Voices

Ice Cube PressSharing, creating and learning since 1993, Ice Cube Press
books have specialized in Midwestern stories about the world in which we live. Sometimes this means examining the wild and the natural, sometimes we must pay attention to the social, the human, even the reptilian.

Who and what have helped us evolve in our place? ICP books tread deeply into new ideas such as living with topsoil, exploring tornadoes, blizzards, sometimes digging down to Devonian fossil beds. At other times ICP books explore humor, or landscape art. Whether it’s weather patterns, food, or prairies.

Ice Cube Press has earned a number of awards, including A Kansas Book Award, A Midwest Connections Pick and the Radish Magazine Award. ICP has worked closely with groups such as Humanities Iowa and the Iowa Arts Council.

Writers' Voices welcomes Ice Cube Press publisher Steve Semken to Writers' Voices, this Friday, March 6 at 1pm.