Kathleen Taylor Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 9am

Kathleen Taylor Smelling a Tomato

Treefrogs are singing, hoping that it rains
I'm sitting on my couch and I'm wishing for the same
but it's dry, dry, dry
in Gainesville today

~ Gainseville Today, Kathleen Taylor

Her bio says to "Think an Art Noveau princess with a pair of brass knuckles."  I think that fits Kathleen Taylor's music pretty well.  The Austin based singer-songwriter recently released her album Defy The World. To listen to it is to take a whimsical little adventure through Kathleen's various inspirations, as well as encountering a variety of creatures in the wild, or at least the wilderness of suburbia!

Join me Tuesday at 9am for an interview with Kathleen Taylor and to hear some of her songs!