Ultra Lounge Presents: Music from Low Budget, Exploitation 'B' Movies Wed Feb 25, 2PM

That's right! If you remember some of those 1950's and '60's Hot Rod, Hoodlum, Cheesy Horror, Cult and Soft Porn flicks but wern't aware of the music you're in for a treat. "Hot Rod Rumble", "Beat Girl", "College Confidential", "Wild in the Streets", "Pretty Boy Floyd", and "Touch of Evil" are examples of movies containing some BOSS Rock and Crime Jazz written and performed by some of the best jazz musicians of the time. "Sexy, insinuating, big horn score meshes perfectly with the sleazy antics of the films." Slick chicks and assorted sidekicks. You won't want to miss Ultra Lounge at it's best! Wed, Feb 25 2-3PM.