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Rumi at MUM Library on Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost, Sun 10:30am/Mon 1:30pm cst

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"Molana" Jalaledin Rumi (1207-1273) was a poet and a scholar, a Sufi mystic, a learned theologian, and a seeker of the Divine inbibed in every human being, which is the ineffable meaning of life. He was an orthodox, sober professor until he met a wandering Sage – Shams of Tabriz (Persia) and was transformed into an enraptured lover of God. Through his life, teachings and poetry, he seeks to convey this meaning which can be found in this inner-dwelling divine of every human being.


Even though, our humanity, Rumi believed, has become longingly
separated from this state of divine union— like “a reedflute torn from
the reedbed", he uses his spontaneous poetry to remind us and re-kindle
our memory so we can regain what we have lost and to help us retrieve it.
This kind of life-restoring poetry, is beyond spiritual and cultural
boundaries and goes to the very heart and source of our humanity.


His spiritual and literary influence is pervasive. R.A. Nicholson
declared him “the greatest mystical poet of any age.” He composed over
70,000 verses of spontaneous (!) poetry of divine love and ecstatic


Molana Rumi was born in Balkh (some have conjectured, Wakhsh) , then
part of Persia and died in Konya, now part of Turkey. His poetry is in
the Persian langauge (Farsi).


Refined translation, thanks to Dr. Maryam Daftari, Parastoo Arsanjani.


I am the moon in the place of Noplace,
I am Life Itself -- don't search for me outside!

When people call you, they are summoning you to themselves
But when I call you, I will summon you only to your Self!

Whatever color you wish to bring upon me -- I won't mind:
Whether the brightness of hope or the gloom of shame,

Sometimes you are contrary and utter disloyal words
That's right! If you are like that, I will be thus!

In the presence of the blind, I am thus -- Nothingness
In the presence of the deaf ear, I am thus -- Speechless

Why are you washing your eyes with rosewater?
You can stop washing -- Look, I am the Flower: clearly visible

[To see the clearly apparent flower, you do not need to wash your eyes with flowerwater]

You use colorful flowers for your clothing and meals :
[Everything you put on and in you is from flowers [-- Thanks to Parastoo]]
You are a flower-eater -- you should not be my guest...!

This flower is *the* Flower! Look closely: you can see the presence of Grace!
With this Grace, I give back what was borrowed

Speech is a ship and meaning is the sea;
Make haste! Come out! I want to sail this vessel!


Dr. Ali Arsanjani presented his lecture on December 16, 2008 at the MUM Library, and we are proud to present portions of it here on Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost.