- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20081228 - Pavement

Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost hits the "Pavement" Sun 10:30am/Mon 1:30pm

  dudeThe Ghost gives up a lyric/narrative sequence entitled "Pavement" by Rustin Larson for the next episode of Irving. One quarter rock opera, one quarter literary jam session, and a good half of a long poem in progress, we'll take fries with that, a swig of the oh-be-joyful, and worship our muses and literary goddesses at will, be there the frank fact of the winter moon shining over the shimmering snows or no.

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!


The meter and shape

Of his lines were

Determined by the

Width of the notebook.

He’d drive around the

City for hours in a

Green 1964 Beetle

Looking for the ultimate

Glint of sun off the

Buildings. He

Snow at dusk, the

Purple stripes crusting

The roadsides, the

Cawing of crows he

Couldn’t see. It was

Near the sculpture garden

He’d sit and he could

Barely make out the words,

But she, at least,

Was beautiful in

His mind, he knew

She always would be,

Guan Yin, the goddess

Of compassion, whom

He knew and whom

He would meet again,

The starlight gaining

Thirstily above him,

The celestial city of

Wonders thrown

Open coldly, but

With such pulsing beauty.