- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20081214 - Arsanjani

Rumi Returns on Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost, Sunday 10:30am/Monday 1:30pm

  Dr. Ali Arsanjani, a Rumi scholar who is versed in the tradition of Rumi's "Erfan" poetry, or mystical Sufi poetry, is starting a new series of M.U.M. Library lectures that systematically explore the work of the great Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi. Recently, Dr. Arsanjani joined Rustin Larson at KRUU to record an introduction to Rumi's work and to talk about the upcoming lecture which will focus on a story in the famous Book of the Sun and one poem from the Masnavi Maanavi (Couplets of Inner Meaning). Says Arsanjani, "Rumi's poetry touches deep within us and resonates with our experiences of life and spirituality, regardless of denomination. It celebrates the passion of the human spirit in its quest of Unity with the Divine."