choking - or how we learned to stop worrying and love DSL

So today, the inevitable finally happened...we completely, totally ran out of bandwidth. Thank you everyone for contributing to this amazing feat!


The problem: Mr. Sundar Raman did a great interview with Cory Doctorow on his show Open Views. Cory subsequently posted on his blog a direct link to the archived interview on our server. In less than 12 hours, over 1000 people downloaded (or attempted to download) the 60mb .mp3 file...a total of about 60 gigs worth of attempted bandwidth usage. Needless to say, our 2mb DSL connection was not able to keep up; downloads slowed to a crawl, the website took an hour to load, and our live stream was choked out of existence. It was the best possible failure we could hope for: not that the fragile clump of boxes and wire that we call the server/transmitter room (pics below!) finally caught on fire, but that we just couldn't keep up with the demand...

Temporary Solution: Once we realized this was happening, we took the file down from our main server and put up a link to a mirror copy at a temporary location, and another link to the file on This will get us through the night...  

The light at the end of the tunnel: LISCO (our "Local Internet Service Company") generously provides us with a 2mb DSL connection at no cost, later this spring they will switch us over to their new Fiber project, upgrading our connection to 1000Mbps, thats right not a typo, 1000Mbps. That should go a long way to helping increase our capacity for streaming and downloading.

Group effort: It is nice to know that our day-to-day bandwidth stresses will soon be relieved, but Sundar, Caleb and I have decided that the ideal would be a more distributed approach. Because, after all, even though LISCO is going to provide increased bandwidth, the next time 60 gigs needs to be transferred to the world, we would not necessarily want to lean so heavily on one provider.

The solution: We are looking for the following:

  • Mirror content servers for hosting our website and show archives
  • Mirror streaming servers (we are running an icecast stream out of our location here)

Please contact me here if you own or administer a server with bandwidth availible to assist in propagating KRUU!

kruu servers and transmitters
The KRUU server/transmitter equipment rack, everything is housed in (or around) a 32u server rack. Some short 2u rackable cases allow both sides to be used for mounting server boxes.

mirroring, co-location, komodo



at our home we can buy a 2.5mb sustained T1. as you know, we'd like to mirror the KRUU signal, co-locate servers for you, and build the komodo brain.

for now, we have an aol time warner cable modem and a wireless network.

if you want to place any sort of machine here, that is not a problem. i know you know that too. the question is: can you think of a use for our house without the fast internet connection in place yet?

we have a rail line in our back yard. you probably know that Quest buried cable along many railroads in the USA. we have that line in our back yard. of course, the bandwidth is really there for the rich, and when our internet service provider upgrades to fiber to the home, it's just going to be another way to watch television. the thing is, we have a T1 junction so close, that the cost is unusually low.

however, at night, we could upload files at about 500kbps. think of a use for that, and we'll do it.