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Roots, Americana, folk, country, bluegrass

Gravel Road Radio is a weekly, two hour devotion to American Roots music. Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Old-time, Alt Country, Blues, you get the idea.

Love Your Show

I don't often get to listen to your show, but I love your playlist. Great, Great Great!

Gravel Road Radio

Hey 'Uncle' Dennis

I've been listening fairly often to the voice of Fairfield from my work zone. Great sets. Also, little Cleo was wearing a Truckstop Souvenir t-shirt the other day and someone noticed, then stopped her and Lisa to say she was an old friend of yours from highschool in Texas. They didn't get her name, but I'm sure you know who your Seattle fans are, esp. if they came from TX.

Please say hello to Lauren from all of us, and keep up the DJ as DJ scene. Also, wonderful to hear the station ID spot done by your nephew -- how cool!

Have you heard Glen Cambell's "Bowl-Legged Polly" from Quincy Jones' legendary soundtrack to legendary 60s film, In the Heat of the Night? Amazing Ray Charles on the title track, and the Glen Cambell song is proto Glen -- all pickin' and grinnin' and could fit in with some of your sets.

Later dude,