17 - Open Views - Jennifer Papin Ramcharan, UWI

Jennifer Papin-RamcharanOn this show I've spoken to editors from the Public Library of Science - Mark Patterson and Virginia Barbour - and to the Executive Director of Science Commons, John Wilbanks. They are all involved with the production and distribution portion of the Open Acces equation. What happens on the other side? How does Open Access affect an institution in the developing world, and does the model really have the promised benefits?

Are the problems stated by the Open Access movement "real", or just marketing?

To answer these questions, and to get a clear perspective from the end-user-side of Open Access, I spoke with Jennifer Papin-Ramcharan. Jennifer is the Engineering and Physical Sciences Librarian at the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad and Tobago. Jennifer agreed to talk to me about her experiences with Open Access.

Jennifer Papin Ramcharan

Jennifer died on Wednesday September 9....a brilliant mind and truly special person...RIP