KRUU Update August 31st

T minus 30 days and counting... and things continue to gain momentum as we hurtle towards KRUU's broadcast launch date of September 30th at high noon.

The Heartland Spirit is doing a feature on the station this week. The Ottumwa Courier has also expressed an interest. We're hoping for a Wednesday edition which would mean additional coverage for Fairfield. The Ledger has also told us to keep them informed.

Good news on the community advisory board. A number of key people have committed and suffice it to say, it is shaping up to be a dandy “KRUU”. We will soon make a formal announcement.

We hope to hear shortly on a Jefferson County grant the station filed for broadcast equipment. Some great carpet is coming our way from music impresario Chris Johnson for “Mission Control”, our broadcast booth, and “The Boiler Room”, our recording studio, both floor and the walls for sound contouring.

We now have ripping stations set up for transferring CDs into the “Vault”, KRUU's digital library bank. Once ripped, they can then be used for building preprogrammed slots or as ammo for live “ON AIR” shows.

Starting Tuesday September 4th, James will have regular weekday hours at the station from 10am to noon and 1pm to 3pm. If you have special requirements, please call him at 233-1617.

Saturdays from here on out will be full workdays from 9am onwards, and likely Sundays as well. Drop by and pitch a hand or lend a fork. Watch a community radio station materialize right before your very eyes.

Note to all the green thumbsters: It looks like Nick Leete, our perma-cultural ambassador who has been organizing the public commons grounds, will be coming from Minneapolis for a planting day on Saturday September 23rd. In a perfect world, our volunteer front yard landscape “KRUU” will be able to do their thing as well.

We also could use a point person and small collective to get the call letters and numbers painted on the front of the station as well as organize the lightboxes which will go up on the north and south ends of the building. We have a way of projecting the letters up to be traced.

Also, new t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, pens and various promo paraphernalia need to be materialized in fairly short order. If you have a jones for that sort of thing, contact James.

On Saturday, some 45 deejays and show hosts met and “gret” with engineer maestros Ian Strouss and Aaron Shier. The vibe was high and the collective experience rich. Both generalities and technicalities were discussed and addressed, and demonstrations given for the ProTools work station. Show hosts scheduled time to come in and make pilots.

Everyone interested in doing a program is required to prepare a show and submit it to the programming board. This will help you work out any kinks in the process as well as give you a clear idea of what it takes to produce your show. For those planning talk shows, a summary of your first month's shows should be submitted as well. As Steve Cooperman pointed out, the pilots don't have to be perfect but can be used for a first show if they come out well. Once a "pilot license" is attained, one is set to enter Mission Control.


Last weekend over 30 people came out to help with various aspects of the station. Some helped with the streaming part of our Internet operation (thanks Caleb & Quinn); some volunteered to work the reception desk (thanks Ashley); some to get involved with the Public Commons garden and/or orchard areas (thanks Ann); some purchased station T-shirts (thanks Art); some worked on the engineering and music areas (thanks Aaron & Ian); some signed on for deejaying (thanks Tony & Fred & Manu & Matt); some for co-hosting talk shows (thanks Monica & her mom Caroline & Sundar & Rob); some ripped music into the KRUU Sound Vault (thanks James & Steve); some came for a last minute station meet & greet (thanks Steve, Theo, Jason, Daryl, Rich, Dennis, Gerald, Jimmy and friend); some to take measurements to lay carpet (thanks Gabor); some who expressed an interest in approaching businesses for underwriting (thanks Demetri).

Hero of the weekend award goes to... (drum roll…) brother Joel Zimmerman, who helped get the new broadcast booth area together—which, by the way, is going to look very nice.

We received an email from Dennis James of Truck Stop Souvenir, an old school nouveau country recording and touring duo, who expressed an interest in hosting a “Roots & Americana” show on KRUU. They were looking to relocate after selling property out west, somewhere less expensive with a good quality of life where they could focus on their art —anywhere in the country—when two random people mentioned Fairfield to them. Dennis' musical partner/spouse Lauryn, who plays a fiddle Hank Williams could yodel to, had an affinity with the state of Iowa anyway and—poof!— just like that, they'll be moving here in several weeks. Check out their website at

In other news, Monica Hadley's mother Caroline, who hosted an interview show for many years in Fairfield on KMCD, and currently hosts a program in Burlington, has decided to do a show with her daughter on focusing on writers. Demetri Mustafa is producing a health and Ayurveda show. Dian Gilmore will keep Fairfield up to date on Chamber of Commerce goings-on. The velveteen ebullience of Sundar Raman and Rob Hibbs will provide some serious comedy relief. One of their ideas is to call people in foreign countries and chat about everyday things.

Speaking of happy feats, native Iowan Glen Keenan will offer his own take on life along with comedy bits from Monty Python, Firesign Theater and other classic sources. Warren Wechsler, another experienced radio hand who had several shows at KMCD including Total Selling, will host a handy dandy tool show. Joe Holland, who spent six years doing radio in London and is teaching at MUM for the new communications major, will team up with Guy Harvey to interview all manner of interesting Fairfield folk and passers-through. Joe did the station's first interview with Canadian chanteuse Ember Swift.

Iowa son L.B. Shriver, who started in radio back in high school, will have a call in talk show. We have a number of high school deejays such as guitarist and FHS student Jason Burkhardt and homeschool drummer Shaan Oberdieck (of Afro Chinstrap fame--now Doctor Hypnocracy). Galen Hawthorne and Theo Shier will do a music and reflections-on-daily-events slot. Kirsi's Kickin' Country Hour will be hosted by Kirsi Marcus. Chuckee Aylen and Scott Puffer will be spinning tracks from the vinyl frontier. Andy Bargerstock returns to the airwaves after a brief hiatus--since his college radio days.Then there's fourth-generation Fairfielder Steve McLain, front man for the Jefferson County Green Band, with his “Happy Hour” musical show featuring reggae, rockin' country and blues.

Don't forget Jamaal Wells, KRUU's mascot extraordinaire, heart and soul of the entire operation, who is always ready to lend a helping paw, or at least chase a stick or a stray flashlight beam.

Thanks one and all for joining the "KRUU" and making this community radio project a dream coming truer every day.

Did we mention the streaming part of the operation is already up and rarin' to go?

James, Roland, Steve and Stephen


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