KRUU Update - Saturday August 19 Workday

Things are popping at the radio station.

This past Saturday we were delighted that some 14 volunteers came out to help organize the building and prepare it for onwards and upwards mobilization. Another dumpster was filled to the brim. The last vestiges of the Martial Arts Studio are dispatched now and its full steam ahead. The back cement wall underneath the tower was artistically enhanced with a colorful spray paint graffiti art rendition of the station’s call letters.

David Torres' rendition of KRUU, painted on back retaining wall at KRUU-FM HQ!

We are planning to have regular Saturday workdays now as we approach our September 30th broadcast kickoff date. The regular Tuesday work lunches have expanded to Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15pm at the station for all those interested.

A computer work station has been set up in the recording studio. Phone lines are nearly in place. A grant proposal was submitted to Jefferson County for our Emergency Broadcast equipment. The programming committee has begun the semi-daunting and awe-inspiring task of mapping content out. Nick Leete has been working on a possible permaculture layout for the grounds.

Some of the experienced deejays, hosts and engineers are meeting this weekend to get acquainted with each other and form a core group for peer-to-peer mentoring of those newer to the game. This “KRUU” includes Joe Holland, Andy Bargerstock, Jim Bebo, Glen Keenan, L.B Shriver, Chuckie Aylen, Demetri Mustafa, and Luiz Ventura, among others. If we’ve inadvertently left anyone off this list, please let us know.

This Saturday will be a focus on construction for the broadcast booth and adjoining room in the front of the station. There is also lawn to mow, programming ideas to brainstorm, volunteers to organize, a bus to be raised from the dead, funds to be raised from the living, light boxes to be organized, and any number of items to be considered.

Come join the “KRUU” family. Have some fun. Speak your mind. Do a cartwheel. Who knows? There may even be a BBQ!

You know what they say: the family that plays together, stays together.

We get started around 8am. Feel free to call to check in first if you like.

David Torres painting the station callsign on the wall

Rock AND roll,

James, Roland and Steve

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