New Community Media Arts Center Town Hall Meeting Tonight Thursday July 13

“Join the KRUU!”

There will be a second town hall meeting Thursday July 13th at 7:30pm at the Walker Group offices located on the square at 58 South Main Street to discuss developments on the new community media arts center project spearheaded by Roland Wells, Stephen Fry, James Moore and Steve Cooperman. At the last meeting, it was decided to pursue the possibility of extending an expired construction permit for a community radio station Roland had applied for some years back. The FCC granted a six-month extension till October 15th.


A 60-foot tower plus antenna was raised 4th of July weekend for KRUU, the community’s new low power 100-watt public radio station scheduled to begin broadcasting in September. For a progressive, creative hub like Fairfield, KRUU is a wonderful development and a rare opportunity. It is the flagship for the larger media arts center that is being planned and will be the focus of activities at present.


Dwight Harris Atop KRUU Radio Tower


Governor Vilsack, who was in town for a press conference at the site of the new civic center this past Friday, said he thinks of Fairfield as a place of creative energy. Afterwards, Roland and James presented him with a “Join the KRUU” t-shirt, explaining that the radio station would reach all of Fairfield as well as be streamed on the Internet, that its mission is giving Fairfield a voice. He wished us luck. We also found out that Mayor Malloy co-hosted his own radio program for three years in college


Artists, students, civic-minded folks, teachers, businesspeople, church organizations, seniors—anyone interested in giving Fairfield a voice and enriching the community’s creative and cultural base is warmly welcomed to share ideas, offer talents and pool resources. Many exciting ideas will be discussed.


Check out the website at

This project affords the community a great opportunity to showcase talent, encourage creative expression, open dialogue across the board, create programming and enjoy shows not otherwise available. We will be able to do remote broadcasts, interviews with visiting artists and luminaries, youth programming, political news and commentary, deejays playing eclectic mixes from around the world, across broad musical spectrums, Spanish-speaking shows, international, national and local news, weather updates and emergency services, community happenings, call-in shows, progressive environmental programs on the eco-village, permaculture, bioneers and JFAN, etc.

There have already been a number of people stepping forward to volunteer services, some great suggestions for programming, some sizable pledges of support (which will be doubled by our matching funds pool), and interest from the Ledger to do a story on the station.

One of our goals is getting a strong core of $10 to $15 a-month supporters, as well as businesses interested in sponsoring programming, to cover operating expenses.

As many of you know, Roland Wells did an amazing job with the Beat Box, a youth center, which he oversaw for five years. He has an inclusive vision, a great deal of wherewithal and a proven track record when it comes to community projects.

There is a need in our town, and greater Iowa in general, for enlivening the opportunities and magnetic pull for the young, bright minds among us. We feel this station and media arts center can play a valuable role in providing young people and young adults with a reason to stay and grow here--or even return and grow here. While the radio station's mission is to give Fairfield a voice and showcase the incredible talent base here, our wider mission is to do our fair share to make Fairfield an irresistible a place to live.

But don't forget, the greater media arts center will be for a range of age groups, just as the radio station will be for a range of voices.

Let's make this the greatest community radio station ever!! It's up to us. All suggestions welcomed.

The iron couldn't be hotter. Now's the time to strike. Come and...



The Voice of Fairfield


100.1 FM

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KRUU-LP 100.1 FM "The Voice of Fairfield"


KRUU's mission is to give Fairfield a voice and strengthen the community by encouraging creativity, dialogue and community involvement.


KRUU is an open, inclusive, diverse forum for music, creative expression, information, and entertainment. It is a non-commercial, non-profit, community-supported low-power radio station with a strong emphasis on locally-created and -produced programming.