FAREWELL SHOW: Highlighting 60 Years of Film Music

  • Wed
    Feb 28
    3:00 pm -
    4:00 pm

picHow do you condense 60 years of spectacular Film Music into an hour show?! I'll try by highlighting some of my favorite composers and their scores from the Golden Age of Hollywood to contemporary whose music has been acclaimed and esteemed as enduring gems in the movie industry.
Bernard Herrmann; Danny Elfman; Jerry Goldsmith; Miklos Rozsa; James Horner; Thomas Newman; Maurice Jarre; Howard Shore; Alexandre Desplat; Ennio Morricone; Elmer Bernstein; Nino Rota; Michael Ciacchino; John Barry; Alex North; Hans Zimmer and Dario Marianelli are a handful of composers who have enriched the world with adventurous and sublime music. 

Thanks for listening all these years as we come to a close here at KRUU. If my film music shows have enriched your movie going experiences than my work has succeeded. Stay in Touch!