The Feed Store

And that's the name of that tune.


KRUU comes to an end. The Feed Store comes to an end. But we all go on living--raising kids, painting houses, getting haircuts, doing the little things that have to be done. I will miss my little pop-gun radio show. I will miss telling stories about Dick Conklin, Uncle Ed, Turk Balderson, the Bargain Box, Mr. Quick's, the VFW on the east side of the square, KMCD, Dale Watson, my sainted mother Mary, my sainted wife Mary, the Broadway Grill, Orscheln's, when Hy-Vee was in the building that is now the Sears Outlet store, Pleasant Plain Elementary, Grandma Chuck, Lee Gobble, Parson's College, straight-legged jeans in the seventies, Steve Lamb, sitting on the square on a hot summer night and Fairfield. I will continue to tell all those stories and more but only in barrooms and basements in my personal longer aided and abetted by a radio antenna and a worldwide web connection from a building in Fairfield that used to be a dry cleaner. Thank you, James Moore. Thank you, Jim Rubis. Thank you, Corey Hickenbottom. Cheap Trick says GOOD NIGHT!!!