Rainbow Rider Last: Goodbye For Now

  • Sat
    Feb 24
    2:00 am -
    4:00 am
  • Mon
    Feb 26
    4:00 am -
    6:00 am

Gary Waving GoodbyePictured: Your G Man, alias Cool Breeze, waving goodbye just before exiting the studio Thursday and milling with the crowd outside, estimated at nine thousand. Keep in touch by emailing me centripetalsounds@gmail.com. As to the matter at hand, this is #369. Add that to the five hundred and eighty three shows I did at the 2 O'Clock hour on Thursdays, and you get 952 total. This show has music by Dixie Pistols, probably the band you have not heard before, and also off the beaten track songs by Lanterna, Dies Irae, Ghost Funk Orchestra, Fink, and Repeated Viewing. Something for everyone, as usual. Check the playlist as it happens Saturday morning- or Monday morning, or both, as the case may be. I am sad that the passing of KRUU is happening, and I am happy that I got to be a part of the James Moore Fan Club, because he was the man for all these years as station manager and compadre extraordinaire. He is a true inspiration. I have tried to inspire people to listen outside their comfort zone with songs unearthed from digging extended underground passageways. If you supported one artist, like The Host Country or Blue Mountain, I have added to the overall well-being of our rock and roll nation. KRUU is dead: LONG LIVE KRUU. Cool Breeze