Fringe Toast Music® - 2017 CRISPY AWARDs on Wed., 2/14 (8pm CT) and Sat., 2/17 (8am CT)

Laura MarlingIn this program, DJ Andy Bargerstock debutes his favorite tracks released during 2017.  None of these songs showed up on last October's BEST of FRINGE TOAST programs.  For a preview of the Top 10 tracks, read this article from the February 2018 Iowa Source Magazine. Oh, you don't want to miss this 30-track music program aired first on Valentine's Day evening (2/14) at 8pm CENTRAL with replay on Saturday morning (2/17) at 8am CT.  

Every song deserves the spotlight, but we choose Laura Marling (photo left) in the San Ferminfirst hour and San Fermin band (photo right) in the second hour as our poster images. 

As we wind down to the end of the KRUU-FM station experience at the end of this month, DJ Andy Bargerstock will continue as a source of good music from off-the-beaten-path. If you want to learn more about how to keep connected to Fringe Toast Music, send an email to: If you currently receive weekly email previews of his shows, you will continue to receive updates about Fringe Toast.

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