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    Feb 09
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BasilSHOW AIRS ON KRUU Wed 7 pm CT [rebro Fri 7 am]

Tuesday night was the monthly LIVE GREAT TASTE show at Green Building Supply. Thinking back over the more than ten years the show has been on the air; it was the first time I have ever hosted and cooked for the entire 60 minutes.  CLICK READ MORE!

It was a real pleasure hanging out with the intrepid souls who braved the snow.  I cooked two pasta dishes as a tribute to an inspiring and lovely (on so many levels) young woman who passed away on January 22.  Julia loved and was always excited about food and the experiences surrounding eating. She was one of the few people I know who never tired of talking about restaurants, recipes, and cooking, and these two kinds of pasta were an intimate part of some of our conversations and time spent at the table.  

If you didn't make it to the live show, check out the video provided by Fairfield Media Center on its YouTube Channel or listen to the KRUU broadcast on Wednesday at 7:00 pm or Friday at 7:00 am.

Many thanks to Green Building Supply and Everybody's Whole Foods.  These two companies are the reason the show happens every first Tuesday.  Jason Strong of FMC, thank you for your engineering wizardry.  Julie Stumo-hugs.  Christi Welsh-what a terrific assistant.  Please feel free to help every month.

Several critical pieces of information were left out when I was describing how to make cacio e pepe.  First, use as little water to boil the pasta in as possible.  This instruction is critical, so you end up with the proper amount of pasta starch in the water.  Second, after adding the pasta to the water and fresh ground pepper mixture already in the finishing pan, continue to add small amounts of the pasta water, as necessary, until the pasta is al dente.  At that point, remove the pot from the heat and begin to stir in the pecorino romano.  Continue to add small amounts of pasta water if needed to reach the proper consistency.