Ready, Willing, and Able To Serve

  • Thu
    Mar 01
    2:00 pm -
    5:00 pm
  • Wed
    Mar 07
    2:00 am -
    5:00 am

T ShirtI am taking on the challenge of delighting and satisfying the percipient consumer this week with a three-in-one show lasting four hours. The two to four p.m. time slot is a regular mix of rare and interesting tunes mixed with some standard-bearing songs. Starting the show with Black Peter by The Grateful Dead. A dedication to my father, who went to WWII, spent four years in the naval reserve, and then 20 years as a Des Moines fireman. In the 1950's smoke inhalation was a huge problem. Other first hour highlights: new Robert Plant and My Expanded Awareness. In hour two besides The Cranberries and The Host Country, I have some deep underground music by The Mirage, Many Bright Things, and Steve Linnegar's Snakeshed. My guitar instructor told me the best way to build a chord is from the root note, so hour three is a complete takeover by sixties rock and roll, and hour four is another edition of IN ROOT. Spirit, The Seeds, The Monkees, Eagles, Tommy James, and Paul Revere are some of the many rockers. IN ROOT features torch ballads by folks like Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra, Sade, Ray Conniff, and The Brothers Four. Impossible to find a more varied and fruitful experience than this one. The G Man