Kinda Fun, Kinda Now

G ManI made up my mind and developed a show this week that contains songs I have never played before on this show. At this point I am tracking about 48 songs, of which 15 are produced in the past year. I do have nine from the late sixties by folks like The Yardbirds, Free, The Easybeats, and Bobby Vee.

Bands not heard before include, but are not limited to, Young Fresh Fellows, Dixie Pistols, The Remains, Touch, Albatross, and Kopperfield. The new music new bands new tunes department has Faith Healer, King Gizzard & The Wizard, The New Year, Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band, Rodney Crowell, Grayson Capps, Lee Ann Womack, and a few more surprises. In the 5 to 6 PM slot it is the latest edition of IN ROOT, and the route is fine, fine, fine. Plan on hearing tunes by local, award winning band Society of Broken Souls, powerhouses like Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Ry Cooder, and The Everly Brothers.

Number one of five left, and I mean to say, I am gonna take advantage. Listen in for thrills. The G Man