Groundbreaking News and Praise be the Volunteer KRUU

July 3, 2006

A special thanks to all those who came out to “Join the KRUU (Crew)” this weekend to help up the ante for Fairfield’s new community radio station.

90-degree heat was no match for the cool crew that stepped up to the plate to assist Mighty Dwight Harris erect our 60-foot (plus antenna) radio tower as well as scrape, prime and paint the exterior of the Beatbox building on 2nd Street. Two-thirds of the tower is now fully skyward. She’s grounded, guide-wire bounded and ready to be antenna-mounted sometime tomorrow, if the weather holds out.

Caleb Flynn hoisting a 10 foot section to Dwight Harris on the tower

The twelve community-minded souls who showed their true grit:

Tower of Power-meister D. White Harris; Rolando Wells, supreme organizing being; Angela Dal Dosso, prime subject; James Moore, mother hen; Bob Shrem, early bird; L.B. Shriver and Bill Jaxtheimer, hole diggers and pole reamers; Caleb Flynn, muscle, hustle and flow; Andrew “Sledge Hammer” Perry; Nick Huckleberry Finn (last name withheld for technical reasons); Wyatt Rowland (no relation to Roland) and Evan Hillis, who roll-played the side of the wall with abandon.

Angela Dal Dosso painting the east side of the building 

We’d also like to thank Tim Carey and John Huff for their material support.

We will likely schedule weekends over the next few months to get everything up to spec and in place for a targeted launch date of early September.

Mucho nacho libre and gracias to one and all! The future Voice of Fairfield thanks you in advance.

Jimmy Moore painting up top! 

May the Fourth be with you!!