KRUU Announces Transition

KRUU Announces Transition


Now into its second decade of broadcasting, and with great appreciation to Fairfield Youth Advocacy/The Beatbox (FYA) for creating and maintaining a valuable community asset, as well as setting the compass and trajectory of our community radio station, a time of transition has arrived.


With the upcoming closure of FYA, a new nonprofit is required to continue the station. Last month, the board asked current hosts to present a proposal to keep the station up and running.


A few key elements must be met. A clear and expressed commitment to the mission is paramount as the whole flagship was built with the loving blood, sweat and tears of countless volunteer hours on that premise:


The mission of KRUU is to give Fairfield a voice and strengthen the community by encouraging creativity, dialogue and community involvement. KRUU is an open, inclusive, diverse forum for music, creative expression, information and entertainment with an emphasis on locally-created programming.


If a suitable board emerges from our team of KRUU hosts with a demonstrable plan to carry things forward, a transition will occur at the start of 2018, and the KRUU tradition will continue to fill the local airwaves and beyond with premium local programming for decades to come.


Listen fresh, listen local!!