The Nightime Real Deal, Also Generated

  • Sat
    Dec 02
    2:00 am -
    4:00 am
  • Mon
    Dec 04
    4:00 am -
    6:00 am

RRA bunch of new bands with a slightly psychedelic tinge to them, plus some sweet guitar vamping, and presto, you have a show. Playing a track from the album of the month by Hendrix, People, Hell, and Angels. Playing a nice prog piece, also from 1969, by Reign Ghost, and a short track by Pete Seeger. The rest of the show is some 2017 work by a host of fresh rock and rollers. Look for tracks by East & West Rendevous, The Citradels, Headroom, and The Paperweight Array. Get the exact playlist off of the blog for the show. Check into the bands online as you drift through a fine set of songs. Cool Breeze