Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider playlist for 11/25/2017

The Host CountryVoyagerThe Host Country 2017
Serge GainsbourgAh! Melody
Ballade de Melody Nelson
Ballade de Meolody Nelson (Howie B Remix)
En Melody
L'Hotel Particulier
L'Hotel Particulier (Stratus Remix)
Valse de MelodyHistoire de Melody Nelson
Richard HawleyShe Brings The LightStanding At the Sky's Edge
The Drug PurseThe Vital ScrewLive on Trance TV
Ben VaughnBeautiful Self DestructionRambler 65
The Brian Jonestown Massacre#1 Hit JamGive It Back!
Buddy MillerSometimes I CryCruel Moon
CreamLawdy MamaLive Cream, Vol. 1
Golden EarringTwilight ZoneCut
Joe CockerHigh Time We WentThe Anthology
The MenA MinorTodo Muere Vol. 2
Steve Cropper & Felix CavaliereOne of Those DaysNudge it up a Notch
T. RexBang A GongElectric Warrior
Cold War KidsMine Is YoursMine Is Yours
The FreemansEyes On The PrizeEyes On The Prize

Rainbow Rider #356