• Fri
    Nov 17
    7:00 am -
    8:00 am

Great Taste LIve-BagelsI was really excited to welcome back Aaron Hall, an amazing baker and owner of The Local Crumb in Mount Vernon.  Aaron bakes bread and bagels for numerous restaurants including Rapid Creek Cidery and is a regular at both the Iowa City and Mount Vernon Farmer's Markets.

His bagels are outstanding, and I know several native New Yorkers who are converts.

On Tuesday, November 7 we spent an hour at Green Building Supply talking and making bagels and had plenty of fun.  It looked like they were not that difficult to make.  You can watch the video on the Fairfield Media Center's YouTube site HERE.

Barley Malt Bagels boilingReady for the OvenThanks to Mary Carter for showing us that it simply takes the right hand action (check out the show video), but I have not given it a shot yet myself since the show.  I made bagels once several decades ago, and the finished shapes were not anything close to right.  That experience has stuck with me, but I need to put it behind.  We'll see, in the meantime, I'll simply enjoy Aaron's bagels.

Aaron makes a bread delivery to Farifield every 4-6 weeks, and many people asked me how they can find out when his sourdough, miche, and bagels are available.  It's easy, and there are other benefits.  Simply drop me an email ( and ask to have your email address added to my list of subscribers.  You'll receive an email back asking you to confirm that it's ok to receive my infrequent show announcements, Aaron's baking schedule, restaurant recommendations, and notes on other food-related topics.  You will not have to worry about being bombarded by a large volume of emails from me.  I'm lucky to send out one or two blasts a month.  

Also, many of you have inquired when I will discuss my recent trip to Europe on Great Taste.  I will do that on an upcoming show, but it is not scheduled yet.  I do plan to send out an email or two or three with notes about the trip so that is another reason to sign up.  You can follow me on Instagram, too (@srboss).  All the European posts are there.

The next LIVE show at Green Building Supply is Tuesday, December 5 with Pete DiCicco and Ed Malloy.  What a surprise, but the show will feature an Italian holiday theme.

On Wednesday, November 22 and replayed on Friday, November 24 there are two awesome guests scheduled-Lia Huber, author of Nourished, and Amy Emberling, coauthor of Zingerman's Bakehouse.  I highly recommend you try to tune into KRUU for that show.

Thanks, as always, to Green Building Supply, Everybody's Whole Foods, and Fairfield Media Center for making the LIVE show a success each month.  Another round of thanks to the people who contributed pictures to this blog post.