It's Been A Tough Week, So....

  • Thu
    Oct 05
    1:00 pm -
    4:00 pm
  • Wed
    Oct 11
    1:00 am -
    4:00 am

G Man...let's all agree that we will relax and enjoy some space for three hours or so. At least, that is my goal: Roll in, have a good time, and then get some business done later. To that end, two hours of rock and roll by Billy Joel, The Seeds, Detective, Cheap Trick, and other heavy hitters. Then an hour of IN ROOT ensues, where we examine other genres that helped form rock music. We will hear from Michael Bloomfield, Bukka White, Hound Dog Taylor, and some bluegrass bands. Toe-tappin' free wheelin' groove movin' tunes by The G Man.