Vermont, Thailand, and Paris-We Move Around on this Week's Show

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    Sep 20
    7:00 am -
    8:00 am
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    Sep 22
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Ethan WestI love real maple syrup and maple sugar, and, what's crazy is most consumers, perhaps as high as 7 out of 10, have only tasted the artificial brands that are on every store shelf, and served in most "restaurants."  As our guest and maple syrup maker Ethan West pointed out during our discussion, some manufacturers and eating spots mix a bit of real maple syrup into their corn syrup and artificially-flavored product.  Buyer beware because they can say with a straight face that it contains "real" maple syrup.  CLICK READ MORE!


Republic of Vermont's Sugar HouseIt's true that 100% maple syrup is a more expensive product, but it's also highly concentrated; a small quantity goes a long way to adding that delicious and comforting maple goodness to pancakes, waffles, or baked goods.  A touch of maple syrup can also be used to add an umami element for a more complex flavor profile to sweet and savory foods. 

The chat with Ethan encompasses the entire process of making maple syrup and sugar, from the tree to the sugar house.  I went home after talking with him, shook a little maple sugar into my palm, tasted it, and vowed to add "Tap a Tree in Vermont" to my bucket list. 

A Taste of ParisDavid Downie is a terrific and clever writer.  His new book, A Taste of Paris: A History of the Paris Love Affair with Food, is a fascinating read.  Downie illuminates the profound Roman influence on Parisian food, and guides us through the subsequent centuries weaving tales and truth to present the colorful personalities that contributed to one of the great culinary cultures.

Describing how today there are still many thriving Parisian dining establishments that have been operating for decades, Downie writes, "The theatricality of the experience is intact despite the digital age and is, I have long suspected, one of the ingredients in the Parisian recipe for culinary seduction:  atmosphere, atmosphere!  Courtship, love, romance, sex, and food are intimately linked in the City of Light." 

This segment is part one of a look at Parisian food and its culture with Downie.  He and I will chat again in December.  If you are heading to Paris, David and his wife conduct walking tours.  The link is here.

Finally, a dining tip:  over the weekend we were in St. Louis, and on the recommendation of some friends went to Rice Thai Bistro in Winchester (west St. Louis County).  Great spot for authentic northern Thai food.  The owners are passionate about what they are cooking, and every dish was superb.