- Great Taste - 20170504 - Jeff Roberts

Salted and Cured cover

Jeffrey Roberts teaches the history and culture of food, and is the president of Cow Creek Creative Ventures, a company working to address the need for more sustainable agricultural solutions.  In his new book, Salted & Cured, he recounts the stories of chefs, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, immigrant butchers, and others who have and continue to develop the culture of meat preservation.  It's a fascinating read, full of history and colorful characters, who are participating in culinary practices that originated thousands of years ago.


In the second part of the show I'll talk with Iowa farmer, Billy Sammons.  He's growing over 3,000 tomato plants with a Siberian heritage in Churdan, a town of under 500 people northwest of Des Moines.  They are reported to possess an extraordiny taste profile.  One critical piece of information I plan to get is where we can buy them.

Billy Sammons

You can read the story from the Des Moines Register here, and credit to the DMR for the above photo.

On Tuesday, August 1 the next LIVE GREAT TASTE takes place at Green Building Supply at 7:00 pm.  All the vegetables will come from the garden maintained by students in the Sustainable Living Department's Regenerative Agriculture Program.  The farm manager, Kris Johnson, and some of the students will cook and talk about their experiences during the show.  Let's hope their sweet corn is ready.