A Conveyance Themed Presentation

  • Thu
    Aug 17
    1:00 pm -
    4:00 pm
  • Wed
    Aug 23
    1:00 am -
    4:00 am

G ManComing up Thursday at 2 PM Central, a frolic, gambol, and spree through some rather fine examples of rock and roll. Getting from Point A to Point B is a matter of some discussion amongst academics. We have a different sort of ride in mind today. You can catch some brand new tunes by Paperhead, Cotillon, Saw Black, and Mac DeMarco. You can also hitch onto some Wilco, Mark-Almond Band, John Hiatt, or a double shot of Led Zeppelin without trying too hard at all. DeMarco's album This Old Dog is my CD of the month. Get all the information about playlists, and seminal musical offerings, on the blog elsewhere on this site. And, please enjoy the show. The G Man