Fringe Toast Music® - ALEXI MURDOCH & JUSTIN JOHNSON on Wed., 8/9 (8pm CT) and Sat., 8/12 (8am CT)

Justin JohnsonDaughter Camie Bargerstock joins DJ Andy B on this original program with 100% tracks never played before on Fringe Toast; see playlist link below. Acoustic and electric blues master, Justin Johnson (photo left) leads off this week's internet radio broadcast with tracks from his new album Drivin' It Down (2017). Later in the first hour, the spotlight shines on Alexi Murdoch (photo right), the UK Alexi Murdochsinger-songwriter who sounds eerily and wonderfully like the troubled UK songwriter Nick Drake who passed away at 26 in 1974 ("Pink Moon" song was used earlier in VW commercials. Spiritually-attuned Ayla Nereo offers her first tracks ever for Fringe Toast.

In the second-hour Chill Session, listen closely for new track from alt-J ("3WW), a twin-spin from Scott Woodruff's Stick Figure band, and delightful first-time contributors Nahko and Medicine from the People, Moon Boots, Don Peyote, Daniel Spaleniak, and (Sandy) Alex GClick here for playlist.

Fringe Toast Music offers the best music your never hear...unless you are tuned to on Wednesday at 8pm CT with replays on Saturday at 8am CT.  Mark your calendar and spread the word!