Ernest Hemingway Quoted, and Truth Decay

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    Aug 03
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    4:00 pm
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    Aug 09
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G Man“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” So sayeth Ernest, and that was all I needed in order to flip 39 songs onto the turntable for a spin. Truth Decay is a song by Rodney Crowell, and judging by the blog posts by James on this site, those lyrics will be relevant to you in some way. Trouble Every Day by Frank Zappa, Forge Your  Own Chains by D.R. Hooker, You've Got Me Crying Over Love by The Misunderstood, and World Of Squares by Cats & Jammers sort of set the tone. We start in 1961, and end in 2013. There are a few light hearted moments, and quite alot of irony attached in some cases. All in all, it is another genre-bending excursion through the rock and roll universe. The G Man