Of My Own Volition

T ShirtI was so excited about this next show two days ago that I put a blog on with 100% pure emotion. I had only taken it to the preliminary stage, where I am shaping the ideas for the program. Little did I know that dreaming about and talking about the show would cause it to exceed my own expectations by today. If you use your power to choose and join me for the show, you are in for a wild ride through the rock and roll rollercoaster, thrill-seekers. Hour One: I heard two amazing bands at the 80/35 fest this year, The Suburbs and The Vahnevants. More 2017 releases by Alt-J, Jane Weaver, and The Secret Sisters. Plus a song off of a Denny King album I will be playing in it's entirety 9/16/17. Hour two leads off with three bands vying for record of the year: The Paperhead, Mac DeMarco, and The Host Country. This is where it gets even more interesting, because I am playing a song off of The Host Country's new album that has yet to be released to the public. Yes, you will hear it first on this radio station. New music from Cotillon, Real Estate, and The Infamous Stringdusters, plus The Soundtrack of Our Lives and The Rolling Stones. Hour Three is IN ROOT #13, and features songs by Michael Parks, Ferlin Husky, Bill Black's Combo, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. Tap it right in to your electric calendar. The G Man