Good Things Coming In Threes

  • Sat
    Jul 22
    1:00 am -
    3:00 am
  • Mon
    Jul 24
    3:00 am -
    5:00 am

RRSo the final song last week was The Time of The Year is Sunset by The New Colony Six. This song kicks off a set of three shows where each band is allowed three songs. I find that three is a representative sample, if you are wondering about buying their music. And buy you will, if you want to support these wonderful musicians. I am admittedly playing now defunct bands on now defunct labels, so as a counter balance go out and support some live music in your town. And hey, give generously to the KRUU. Oh yes, and I also am spotlighting Help, Terry Manning, and Camper Van Beethoven. No commercial interruption! The finest in genre bending music! Listen in. Cool Breeze