GREAT TASTE Presents a Salute to Deborah Madison!

  • Fri
    Jul 21
    7:00 am -
    8:00 am


Carrot Soup

Kathy DuBois, GT's former co-host, assumed command in the GBS kitchen during Tuesday evening's LIVE Great Taste show.  On last week's Great Taste I spoke with Deborah Madison, and on the LIVE show Kathy, along with her assistant Christi Welsh, used recipes from several of Deborah's books to make carrot soup with spicy butter, baked ricotta, zucchini with mint and other herbs, and a roasted beet salad.  Many of the ingredients were picked or dug from the Sustainable Living Department's student garden within a few hours of showtime.  


Deborah Madison has a new book out, In My Kitchen, so it was the perfect time to celebrate her amazing career.  She worked at Chez Panisse with Alice Waters, was the founding chef in 1979 of Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, and her cookbooks have won numerous James Beard and International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) awards.

The next LIVE Great Taste show is Tuesday, August 1 at GBS.  Kris Johnson, manager of the Sustainable Living Regenerative Agriculture Program's farm along with some of the students, will join us at GBS.  Mark your calendars.  Two items on the menu are already set-okra, and pesto pounded fresh during the show.  (Kris presented an intro to our upcoming LIVE show Tuesday night, but because of technical difficulties the show we recorded did not air.  You do get to hear Kathy and I discuss Deborah's recipes, along with other topics, as we recreated the content of the GBS event in the KRUU studio.)

KRUU and Great Taste are grateful for the support of Green Building Supply and Everybody's Whole Foods.  Thanks to the Sustainable Living Department, Christi Welsh, and Julie Stumo for their help putting on this week's show.

Spicy Butter