An Iowa Couple by Mike Kilen | Check out John's t-shirt!

Great piece by the great Mike Kilen of the Des Moines Register on a great Fairfield couple, John Freeberg and Susan Walsh.

Yep, these home artists are rocking it big time, as this piece elucidates. Solar-powered, too. John, long-time community radio supporter who helped with reconstruction at the station and much more, is even wearing his "Join the KRUU" t-shirt!

Congratulations, John & Susan, on doing Fairfield proud with your amazing vision and work together. [Click on title to read the whole piece...}

An Iowa Couple Used the Earth Around Them to Build A Small Home That is Powered by the Sun

FAIRFIELD, Iowa — The house is made of soil, timber, straw and rock that John Freeberg and Susan Walch gathered on their land and assembled over the last six years. It is powered by the sun and its water pumped from a pond.

Sitting atop a wave of meadow near Fairfield, the home is an expression of art from the landscape and connection to curious community members who often drive down a gravel country lane to see it.

“People come here and they don’t want to leave. They say it makes them feel good,” Walch said. “This is heaven. We never want to leave.”

Their 1,100 square-foot home is featured in the new book “Small Homes: The Right Size,” which showcases dwellings between 500 and 1,200 square feet.