GREAT TASTE was LIVE this Week with Farmer's Market Growers and Cooks!

  • Wed
    Jun 07
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
  • Fri
    Jun 09
    7:00 am -
    8:00 am

Farmer's Market Vendors

Great Taste Features Farmer's Market Vendors this Week

Broadcast:  7:00 PM Wednesday and 7:00 AM Friday (CDT)

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We had a fun, taste-filled evening at Green Building Supply during our LIVE show this week.  Several of our local Farmer's Market vendors showed off their cooking skills, plus shared information about growing vegetables, seed-saving, nutrition, and their personal stories. 

Doug Webster

The menu featured these great dishes:

Beet green/garlic scape bruschetta prepared by Doug Webster from Rolling Prairie Acres

Zucchini pasta with vegan pesto and roma tomatoes "cooked" by Mike and Alura Anderson of Mother Nature's Answer

Asian-style tofu (Jake Gratzon's Old Capitol Food Company) with Goodrich greens, a Fairfield variety from MUM Farms

Cucumber/mint/lime/maple syrup cooler

A Sheila Higgins healthy take on red velvet cupcakes

As always, thanks to our sponsors Green Building Supply, and Everybody's Whole Foods. 

Mother Nature's Answer

Sheila Higgins

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One of the closest and best food destinations to us is Chicago.  Below you'll find my latest picks (in no particular order).  Let me know if you go to any of the spots, and what your experience was like.

Fat Rice-Macanese-one of my top picks.  Abe Conlan has been on the show.  He and his partner, Adrienne, are fantastic.  If you go, say “hi” for me-the guy with the radio show in Iowa.
Giant-  One of my favorite spots-SIT at the kitchen counter in the far back-if you go tell Jason Vincent (co-owner) that you are from FF where Steve Boss who has the Iowa radio show is from.  He’ll know.
Cellar Door Provisions-breakfast/lunch (and now dinner)-terrific spot-
Mindy’s Hot Chocolate-excellent mac and cheese, cookies, pie-
Parachute-A Matt Steigerwald pick-
Calumet Fisheries-smoked fish-another of Matt’s favorites and a classic Chicago place-
Rick Bayless-any of his Mexican spots-