• Sat
    Jun 03
    1:00 am -
    3:00 am
  • Mon
    Jun 05
    3:00 am -
    5:00 am

RRYeeeaaaahhhhhhh baby. LOL. We are deep in the psychedelia here, as promised. You may be familiar with the bands playing tunes on this show, but I found all this stuff I had never heard before, and it is by bands I knew nothing about, and still do not. Bands like AOA, Albatross, Dogfeet, and Bold. And yes, I think you will be better off having heard all these people doing these wonderful songs. My definition of psychedelic music is this: If you cannot tell how many minutes and seconds long the song is, it's psychedelic. Think about it. And try not to get in your head about it as you are listening to the show! I want to help you out of your heads... Cool Breeze