Fringe Toast Music® - WEYES BLOOD & ALINA BARAZ on Wed., 5/31 (8pm CT) and Sat., 6/3 (8am CT)

  • Wed
    May 31
    8:00 pm -
    10:00 pm
  • Sat
    Jun 03
    8:00 pm -
    10:00 pm

Weyes Blood(See link to playlist below). The FRINGE TOAST MUSIC spotlight shines in glowing manner on two up-and-coming artists Weyes Blood (left) and Alina Baraz (right) who demonstrate abundantly why so many are excited about the future of their musical creations. 

On this week's program, DJ Andy Bargerstock offers new FT first timers (in addition to the two ladies) John Gorka, Shannen Moser, Lucas Meyer, Jack Savoretti, Planet of Sound, The Analog Affair, and ARIZONA.Alina Baraz

Click here for another epic playlist.   Invite friends to join the live stream that now plays on Wednesdays at 8-10pm CT and also Saturdays at 8-10am CT. 

Watch for DJ Andy's article in Iowa Source Magazine in the June issue on the delightful young South African singer Alice Phoebe Lou who offers another fringe track on this program.  

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