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Hello, My Name is Ice Cream

WARNING:  This show is about making ice cream at home.  It may entice you to do it.  KRUU and Great Taste assume no resonsiblity for your increased pleasure or girth.

I doubt that few people have thought as much or as deeply about ice cream as Dana Cree.  Her book, Hello My Name is Ice Cream, opens up a world of possibilities for the home cook, and offers recipes that can appeal to both the novice ice cream maker or someone with many years of dessert making experience.

What I particularly appreciate is the information Dana gives about the different styles of ice cream, the extremely detailed recipes, specifics about the process, and her genuine desire to develop an online community of ice cream aficianados who trade recipes and tips with each other (see her website).  In addition, there are tips everywhere that will surprise you.  For example, if you are a fan of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams and want to imitate her style, Dana explains how cream cheese is the critical ingredient needed to make that happen. 

She inspired me to buy an attachment for our Kitchen Aid.  Now I need to wait for consistently hot days.  At that point, I can satisfy my creative desire, and churn out flavors like green cardamom, popcorn, cinnamon basil, and blue ribbon chocolate.

Dana Cree

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